Another Great Trip to the Lodge!

June 2017.

As usual, Rob Day from Edmonton was enjoying incredible action with his green herring teaser, me and my purple haze teaser not so much!  With rain clouds heading our way, we decided to troll over to the filleting island, clean ourcatch for lunch and then hustle home to avoid getting wet.

As we got closer to the shallows between our position and the fileting island, Rob smiled, “Got one!”  I started to reel in slowly hoping to snag one myself and”‘Bam” doubleheader.    After much confusion and plenty of laughs, we managed to land both, snap a quick picture and then release the scrappy pair.   We decided to finish our troll, another 100 yards or so before passing over the shallows before the island.  After finding our “dental equipment” which seemed to be scattered  everywhere in the mayhem, we rigged up and continued our troll.

In anticipation of the shallows, we  watched the depth finder closely.  First 30′, 20′, 15 and then 6′!                “Reel in quick, we’re there!” Rob said.  We both started to reel in our line when I felt a tug and my reel began to scream as the line was peeling off!  Because of the depth, I started whining, “Big pike, the bugger’s going to take my favorite hook!”  We were using 30lb mono for a leader and a pike’s teeth can easily cut the line.  Rob was bent over laughing and mocking me as I continued cursing, “Don’t take my hook you big ******!”  My line still zinging off the reel, “Hey, we’ve got to go.  I’m running out of line!”  Rob fired up the motor and started to follow so I could  recoup some line.  My drag was set quite tight, the fish tired and the big run stopped.  Rob cut the engine and the fight continued.  We were now in about 15′ of water, the fish was still trying desperately to get to deeper water.  I slowly started to regain my line back and soon we got our first look.

Rob yelled, “It’s not a pike, it’s a big Lake Trout!”

Once we had the lunker securely in the net, we both started to laugh (in the rain!).  Rob smacked me on the back so hard I nearly went into the drink!

Rob continued to out fish me as usual, catching some  nice lakers as well.  Truly another memorable trip to the Lodge!