More of the Same!

It was nice having Mike Ekert up to the Lodge again in June for 10 days of fishing and relaxation.

We enjoyed some fantastic action and managed to reel in a few trophies as well. In 3.5 hours one evening, we averaged 1 laker every 5.5 minutes. When you take into account landing our catch, “dental surgery”, re-rigging, and a few cold “pops”, we were busy!

One of the highlights was landing this nice Laker with an equally impressive fish dangling out of it’s mouth!

The fishing at Rutledge gets better with every season and 2023 is no different.

What Works?

When corresponding with guests prior to their visit to the Lodge, I’m often asked, “What lures should we bring for big Lakers?” We all have a favorite and at Rutledge we definitely have ours.

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When I returned home, I contacted Tom Davis of Rhys Davis Lures and purchased several cases of teasers in an assortment of colors. We continue to enjoy incredible action using teasers and are our preferred lure for Lakers.

Battered and Bruised, Best Trip Ever!

Have you returned home from a fishing trip battered and bruised with aching muscles and joints? Well we did this June and it was the best trip ever! How ironic, the big “lunker” had eluded Rob the past few years. This June while nursing a torn rotator cuff, Rob couldn’t keep big lakers off his favorite hook! Six in one day! Yes, in one day! Maybe not battered and bruised from reelng in big Laker’s, but stiff and sore…yup!

2022 Teaser

Rutledge Lake Lodge is offering a 10% discount for all 2022 fishing packages purchased prior to January 1, 2022.
If you are planning a fly-in fishing vacation to the spectacular Northwest Territories, consider Rutledge Lake Lodge for world class Lake Trout and Northern Pike fishing.

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We some-times take the Pike fishing at Rutledge Lake for granted. Whether in one of many shallow bays, channels, protected islands or later when the weed beds develop, be prepared for one of the best fighting experiences that only a monster pike can provide.

Sight-fishing for pike in Rutledge Lake’s crystal clear “aquarium” like water is a must. There’s nothing more exciting than casting one’s favorite lucky lure to a “log” and watching the big show unfold before your eyes! A pike strikes engulfing your lure with lightening speed, the jolt of power and the pike’s brute strength is immediately evident and felt through your rod as it arcs, the crack of the crank on your knuckles, and the whining sound of line pealing off your reel!

Hold on, the fun has only just begun! Big runs darting from one side of the boat to the other, boiling swirls, tail walks, and an unsuspecting icy cold water face wash from the slap of a tail will get any angler’s attention!

It’s a scary and on occasion painful endeavor retrieving one’s lure from deep down in a pike’s mouth! It’s best to hold the spreaders and let your buddy look after the necessary dental procedures!!

As The Mercury Drops…

It’s that time once again! As this season ends it’s time to look forward to 2022.

As Covid continues to reek havoc, we are making the necessary preparations to open safely in 2022.

We anticipate strict covid protocol will continue to be mandated by the NWT and for this and safety reasons as well, we will only be accepting reservations from fully covid vaccinated cohorts of 4 or less guests per week.

Stay warm and stay safe!

June 2021

It was nice to finally get back to the Lodge in June, we encountered a few surprises when we arrived which can be expected after a 2 year hiatus due to Covid travel restrictions. It’s surprising what an inquisitive bear, 2 woodpeckers and a couple of busy squirrels can do!

The fishing was as the fishing always is at Rutledge Lake! 2022 can’t come fast enough!

Season’s Greetings

With 2020 coming to a close, we welcome a new year with renewed optimism. We look forward to enjoying time at the lodge in 2021 with family and friends old and new!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season!

Discount for 2021 Pre-Bookings

With the first signs of winter upon us, we are focusing on the upcoming 2021 fishing season. We are optimistic travel restrictions due to the pandemic will ease but the current increase in infection rates is troubling.

The Lodge is again offering a 10% discount for all 2021 bookings made prior to December 31, 2020. (Rates are posted on the “Booking” page.) Deposits will be waved until such time NT health authorities confirm travel protocol.

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