We some-times take the Pike fishing at Rutledge Lake for granted. Whether in one of many shallow bays, channels, protected islands or later when the weed beds develop, be prepared for one of the best fighting experiences that only a monster pike can provide.

Sight-fishing for pike in Rutledge Lake’s crystal clear “aquarium” like water is a must. There’s nothing more exciting than casting one’s favorite lucky lure to a “log” and watching the big show unfold before your eyes! A pike strikes engulfing your lure with lightening speed, the jolt of power and the pike’s brute strength is immediately evident and felt through your rod as it arcs, the crack of the crank on your knuckles, and the whining sound of line pealing off your reel!

Hold on, the fun has only just begun! Big runs darting from one side of the boat to the other, boiling swirls, tail walks, and an unsuspecting icy cold water face wash from the slap of a tail will get any angler’s attention!

It’s a scary and on occasion painful endeavor retrieving one’s lure from deep down in a pike’s mouth! It’s best to hold the spreaders and let your buddy look after the necessary dental procedures!!