Reel Fun

If you’re seeking a fishing experience that combines adrenaline, natural beauty, and the chance to land a catch of a life time, Rutledge Lake is the place to be.

We may fly under the radar but don’t let that deter you. Our Lake Trout and Northern Pike are as predaceous, fierce and aggressive as any. And yes…as big!

Lake Trout 20 – 30lbs. can be expected with several tipping the scale between 35 – 45lbs. have been landed and released.  Trout in the 4 – 10lb. range provide endless action when the bite is on.

Whether in one of many shallow bays, channels, protected islands or later when the weed beds develop, be prepared for one of the most exhilarating experiences that only a monster pike can provide. Rutledge Lake abound with Northern Pike and Pike 40 – 46″ are common providing anglers with heart stopping action. Trophy Pike fight with incredible power and speed, so buckle up!

The fishing at Rutledge Lake Lodge in the Northwest Territories is truly exceptional for several reasons:

  1. Limited Reservations: Rutledge Lake Lodge intentionally limits the number of reservations each season. This practice ensures that the fishing experience remains pristine and exclusive. With fewer anglers, you’ll have more space and tranquility to enjoy the wilderness.
  2. Safe Catch and Release: The lodge promotes responsible fishing practices. Mandatory catch and release of all trophy fish helps maintain healthy fish populations. By preserving the gene pool, Rutledge Lake continues to produce world-class fish.
  3. Barbless Hooks: The use of barbless hooks is mandatory. These hooks minimize harm to fish during catch and release. They make it easier to unhook fish without causing unnecessary stress or injury.
  4. World-Class Fishing: The combination of these practices—limited reservations, catch and release, and barbless hooks—creates an environment where fishing is truly world-class. Anglers can expect exceptional catches of Lake Trout and Northern Pike and.
  5. Year-After-Year Improvement: Rutledge Lake Lodge’s commitment to sustainable fishing ensures that the quality of fishing only gets better with each passing year. The lodge’s dedication to conservation and responsible angling contributes to its special status.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler seeking trophy fish or a nature enthusiast craving a remote wilderness experience, Rutledge Lake Lodge delivers an unforgettable fishing adventure!

At Rutledge Lake Lodge it’s not if you’ll catch the Trout or Pike of your lifetime but when!